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Thisrats heartwarming story of a couple of postcards is about as good as it gets. Determined to untangle from their love story, they outsmart the landlord who had been after their home for years. In the end, it was their postcard-stylegreeting cards for ink jet printers that won their battle with the landlord. greetings, printer! We have a selection of excellent greeting card printers that will help you create accurate and legible cards. This one is the matte 14 fold inkjet printer for only $25 each! Plus, we have 14 cards free when you order them all. So, get in there and get your grundy card shop up and running fast! our geographics 100 blank white greeting cards envelopes card stock is perfect for printers who need a simple, blank white greeting card image to be printed on paper. Our cards are made with high-quality envelope stock and are perfect for any purpose. our printer friendly cards are perfect for your next letter or mailing campaign. Our white greeting cards are easy to create and look great on your team. All your customers can feel special when they are the only ones who know they are special.