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Hp Deskjet 1112 Printer Usb Cable

This usb cable is for the hp deskjet printer 3000 3633 3634 3722 3810 6525 j610 1112mx. It has a black color and has a 3 in 1 connector. This cable is for connecting you to your computer for 10 day warranty. The cable also includes a 30-day warranty. The cable is also covered by the return policy. The 30-day warranty is included in the price.

Hp Deskjet 1112 Printer Usb Cable Walmart

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Hp Deskjet 1112 Printer Usb Cable Ebay

The long usb cable cord for hp deskjet 1112 2132 2622 3631 5940 6127 d110a printer is perfect for connecting your printer to a computer. The cable is about an inch long and it can easily be attached to the printer with a few minutes of use. The usb cable cord for hp deskjet 1112 2132 2622 3631 5940 6127 d110a is safe and secure, so you can be sure that your document is always save cleanly. this printer uses a standard usb type b type in it that most computers and devices can use. The printer can be used to print documents and photos. The printer also comes with a scanner that can be used to print out documents and photos. this hp deskjet 1112 printer usb cable is a great way to add an extra printer to your network. The cable is color of cable random, so you can choose to add or not add it to your network. The tpw-usb-1ab cable is also easy to use, you can use it to print documents and images. the long usb cablehighspeed wire cord plug for hp deskjet printer is perfect for using your printer with usb cables in the home. This cable is interactions with your printer the same as if you had a normal usb cable on your side. This cable is long and can easily fit through doorways and windows. The highspeed wire cord is sure to boost your printer's speed and make it easy to take your printer to work.